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Hairs to your Health

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People avoid a visit to the doctor for many reasons. Fear of bad news, needles, cost or being told they have to make changes are just a few of the reasons people stay away.

The incidence of high blood sugar and high blood pressure are double the national average in the African-American community. The “Don’t Cut it Too Close” program makes it possible to get life-saving screenings by medical professionals in a place where many people find it easy to talk about very personal topics such as health. The hair salon/barber shop is the perfect place to start the conversation and train the stylists to use basic equipment like a blood pressure cuff.

The inaugural event took place recently at Your Hair Oasis Barber and Beauty Shop, in Norfolk, VA. Along with blood pressure screenings, patrons could also get their blood glucose checked and speak candidly to health care providers about any and all health related topics.

Ethlyn Gibson RN MSN, of Riverside Health System and Mark Johnson of SunTrust Bank put this effort together along with help from the American Diabetes Association, The SunTrust Foundation, Walgreens, Subway, Norfolk State University’s Nursing program, the Healthy Prostate Initiative and WAVY-TV.

Ethyln spoke to us about the program, and what she hopes to achieve.

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One of the people who took advantage of the free screenings was Laurice. She is a sales rep and was in the salon on a sales call. Having recently been diagnosed as pre-diabetic, she wanted confirmation that the lifestyle changes she made were paying off.


Hairs to your HealthThe numbers of those affected by high blood sugar and high blood pressure are staggering in Hampton Roads, so this initiative will continue on the Peninsula in Hampton on Friday, May 2, 2014, at the Style Experience located at 2505 W. Mercury Blvd. For questions about the upcoming outreach, please contact Ethlyn Gibson, RN, at 757-775-2484.

You can find events in your area by visiting the ADA’S website, then click on In My Community.


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